Dear friend,

Welcome and thanks for your curiosity.

My aim is simple: to spread a little sunshine to as many people as possible through creative expression and random acts of kindness.

I apply this to all of my work - art, books, workshops - whether for business or pleasure, I believe it's important to bring creative curiosity and 'prana' (life-force) to all aspects of life.

As such, my prana-packed paintings fuse traditional watercolour and acrylic techniques with stream of consciousness illustration influenced by my travels through India and abroad, by meditation and by artists such as Jean Miró, Escher, tribal and street artists, and the Australian artist who were the backbone of my childhood daydreams, Michael Leunig, Ken Done and Mirka Mora.

Workshops are inspired by best practice agile and goal planning techniques so that you can create your best year yet!

Looking forward to hearing from you! Get in touch :) 

Mishy Rowan